SCSS Music Council Executive 2017-2018

Our Purpose:

We are a student run council, responsible for organizing events, fundraisers and concerts for the music program at SCSS.

Our Goal:

To ensure that the Stratford Central music program is enjoyable, exciting and welcoming to all students.

The Stratford Central Music Council meets weekly to discuss matters of the music program. We take votes, form committees and debate issues in order to plan events such as band camps, choir camps, concerts, coffee houses, fundraisers, and the annual music department trip. We include representatives from each ensemble to ensure that the needs of all music department students are met. Music Council is a fun way for students to further their involvement in the music program at Central.

Daisy Gruchy


Daisy is a grade 11 student. She is part of Central Singers and plays clarinet in Symphonic Band. Over the past two years, she has participated the SCSS music program and found it a wonderful way to enjoy music and make friends. Last year, Daisy was secretary of music council. Her experience on the council inspired her to try for the position of president. As president of music council for the 2017/2018 school year, Daisy hopes to continue providing the students of SCSS with a fun and welcoming music program, where everyone can feel at home.

Gavin Yeomans

Vice President

Gavin is a grade 11 student. He is part of Central Singers and Vocal Chords, plays french horn in Symphonic Band, keyboard in jazz band, and leads our brass quintet, Rams Horns. During his time at Central, he has interacted heavily with the music program and found it to be an incredibly enriching experience, both socially and academically. Last year, Gavin was a general member on music council. As vice-president of music council for the 2017/2018 school year, Gavin hopes to support Daisy's hopes of continuing to provide for the students of SCSS in any way possible and to build our connection to the community with concerts and events.

Evelyn Bachellier


Evelyn is a grade 11 student. She plays bassoon in symphonic band, and tenor saxophone in jazz band. She has been an active member of music programs at SCSS for five years, and hopes to further her musical education among a variety of instruments. Her experience in a variety of music programs have provided insight as to which current methods and activities work best for students. With this knowledge, and holding the position of secretary during the 2017/2018 school year, Evelyn wishes to contribute her ideas to make SCSS music programs more enriching, enjoyable, and accessible to all students and teachers.

Effie Honeywell


Effie Honeywell is a Grade 11 student at Stratford Central Secondary School. She has been an active member of Central’s music program since her enrolment in Grade 7. Last year, Effie was a general member of Music Council, and loved the experience! Effie was also part of Symphonic Band, Vocal Chords, and Choir. This year, Effie is playing the trumpet in Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and Rams Horns, and is also singing in Choir! Effie is ecstatic to be an executive position on Music Council as a librarian. This school year, Effie hopes to encourage more enthusiastic music students to join Music Council. She is also very excited to collaborate with the other fantastic executives and make this year a great one!

Katie Paradis


Katie Paradis is a Grade 11 student at Stratford Central, and one of the librarians on Music Council this year. She has been involved in the music program since coming to Central in Grade 9. She was a part of music council last year as the choir representative, as well as a part of band as a flutist and choir; and choir in Grade 9. This year she is a part of band as the Flute 2 section leader and also a part of choir. Katie is also very much involved in music outside of school with various extracurriculars. As a librarian for 2017/2018 her goal is to create a welcoming environment for everyone to feel at home in. She’s excited for this years music season and can’t wait to be a part of making it happen!

Emma Rouse

Choir Rep

Emma Rouse is a grade 11 music student at Stratford Central. She is enthusiastic about all aspects of art and music, and is very involved in Central Music Department Activities. Some of Emma’s interests include theatre, singing, guitar, and visual art. She loves being a part of the music scene at central and is a member of Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Vocal Chords and Central Singers.

Sarah Frank

Grade 10 Rep

Sarah Frank is a Grade 10 student at Stratford Central, and one of the grade 10 representatives on music council this year. From the ages 3-11 Sarah played the piano, after this she took up playing the flute for grade 7 and 8. In grade 9 Sarah learned and played the tuba in concert band. Sarah loves listening to music almost as much as she loves playing it, and is super passionate about her diverse and broad music taste. Sarah is excited to be apart of this years music council and to continue being apart of the amazing music program at Stratford Central.

Bronwyn Macleod

Grade 10 Rep

My name is Bronwyn Macleod and I have been playing the flute for 5 years. This year I am one of the grade 10 representatives for music council in symphonic band.

Evan Fortin

Grade 11 Rep

Evan is a grade eleven student at Stratford Central. This year he will be the grade eleven representative on music council. Evan plays the tuba in symphonic band and Rams Horns and also sings in Central Singers. He is excited to represent the grade elevens at music council and help to make music fun and welcoming for everyone.

Maddie Van Osch

Grade 12 Rep

Maddie Van Osch is a grade twelve student at Stratford Central. She has been a proud member of the music program since grade seven when she started playing the flute. Since then, she has played in band every year and has participated in choir as well.  This year, Maddie is thrilled to be taking on the new roles of Flute One section leader and grade 12 representative on music council.  Maddie is excited to incorporate new ideas in order to make the 2017/18 year as enjoyable and successful as possible!