SCSS Ensembles

SCSS has a number of musical ensembles that students can join.  If you are interested in being involved in our ensembles, you must be enrolled in a music course appropriate to your grade.  These ensembles are a great way to put the skills you are learning in class into practise.  Our ensembles perform at many occasions throughout the school year, and lots of unique opportunities are opened up by joining an ensemble.  Many of our students are involved in multiple groups!

Symphonic Band (Gr. 10-12)

This is a half-credit performance class for senior-level music students. It runs on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:30am-8:30am, and includes several public performances. The course content consists of sight-reading and analysis of selected works of the repertoire, and includes both listening and performing. We explore some of the major works for band, including marches, show and movie tunes, pop music and festival repertoire. The Symphonic Band performs frequently at most school functions, in the Kiwanis Music Festival in Stratford and London,  as well as in the annual Stratford Band-o-Rama.  In 2015, they participated in the MusicFest National competition bringing home a silver medal for their performance, as well as a gold medal for their sight reading skills.

Director: Ms. Paula Ortelli

Concert Band (Gr. 9)

Concert Band is an extra-curricular band for grade nine students who are enrolled in an instrumental music course (AMI1O).  This beginning band performs at grade 1-2 band level and they rehearse on Monday mornings.  They perform at the Christmas Concert, the grade eight parents' night open house, the Stratford Kiwanis Music Festival, Music Night and the Canada's Wonderland Music Festival.  They also tour local feeder schools around Christmas time in December.

Director: Mr. Isaac Moore

Jazz Band (Gr. 11-12)

This is a half-credit performance class for senior-level music students.  It runs on Monday mornings from 7:30am-8:30am, with some additional rehearsals during the lunch period, and includes occasional public performances.

The course content consists of the study of stage band repertoire and the development of the technique required for stage band performance, including sight-reading and improvisation. The course includes listening, performing and creative activities. Special attention will be given to the Blues scale, which is the basis of most jazz music.

Director: Ms. Paula Ortelli

Central Singers (Gr. 9-12)

Central Singers is the school choir.  It is made up of students in grades 9-12 who enjoy singing.  This SATB choir of approximately 65 voices rehearses once per week on Thursday mornings before school.  They perform at school concerts as well as at various activities throughout the community,   For the past several years they have performed at the Ontario Vocal Festival and received invitations to the MusicFest nationals.  Plus, they perform annually at the Stratford Kiwanis Music Festival winning many awards.  They performed the theme song for the launch of the 2016 World Festival of Children's Theatre (WFCT) at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus as well as in a concert promoting the WFCT alongside Loreena McKennitt and many other well known vocalists.  This past June, they finally performed the piece one last time at the opening ceremonies for the Festival.   Following their premier performance, they received high praises from the composer of the piece.  In 2015, they participated in the MusicFest Nationals competition receiving silver.

Director: Ms. Paula Ortelli

Vocal Chords (Gr 9-12 Auditioned)

Vocal Chords is a group of students from Central Singers who audition to be part of a smaller ensemble.  They too rehearse once a week.  Vocal Chords performs at the school concerts, at functions throughout the community and at vocal festivals.

Director: Ms. Paula Ortelli

Guitar Ensemble

Guitar Ensemble is an extra curricular ensemble for students who have previously taken AMG3O Guitar Music or who are currently enrolled and already play at an intermediate level. The ensemble rehearses once per week after school on Mondays. Performance opportunities include school concerts, coffee houses and perhaps the Stratford Kiwanis Festival. 2017 marks the first full year of the Guitar Ensemble and we are excited to get going!

Director: Mr. Matt Weston

Rams Horns (Gr. 11-12 Invitational)

Rams Horns is a brass quintet hand-picked out of students who participate in Symphonic and Jazz Bands.  The quintet includes 2 trumpets, a french horn, a trombone, and a tuba.  This ensemble performs high-difficulty quintet repertoire of both classical and modern genres during school concerts, at public events, as well as in competition at the annual Stratford Kiwanis Music Festival.

Director: Students Themselves

Marching Band (seasonal)

During the Christmas Season, the students at SCSS form a marching band for the Christmas Parade!

Director: Ms. Paula Ortelli

Concert Band (Grade 8)

Grade 8 Concert Band builds upon what was learned in grade seven and pushes the technical and expressive side of music a bit further. Developing a larger range while improving sound quality are the primary goals, but dynamics and phrasing are also emphasized.

Director: Mr. Bruce Pepper

Concert Band (Grade 7)

Grade 7 Concert Band consists of newcomers to Stratford Central, most of whom are brand new to instrumental music. In a few short weeks they accomplish the near impossible task of learning to play an instrument, read music and perform as a cohesive group. The focus is on playing correct notes and rhythms, listening to others while playing your part and having fun!

Director: Mr. Bruce Pepper

Grade 7+8 Choir

Grade 7&8 Choir rehearses once a week and explores a variety of styles (folk, pop, classical, African, etc…) while focusing on fundamentals. Breathing, pronunciation, rhythm and blend are always stressed while singing in a variety of languages from all around the world. Most songs are sung in two parts but occasionally we push ourselves to sing in three or even four parts.

Director: Mr. Bruce Pepper

Grade 7+8 Percussion Ensemble

7&8 Percussion Ensemble is a group that is difficult to describe. Rhythm is always at the core of our focus, but we also recognize the importance of sound quality when playing percussion. The list if instrumentation is still growing but thus far it has included buckets, body percussion, boom-whackers, pens and paper and currently glass jars tuned with water. Although we use some written material most of our pieces are self composed.

Director: Mr. Bruce Pepper