...if someone is properly educated in music and poetry, it makes him graceful, but if not, then the opposite.”

— Plato (Republic III 401d-e)

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The Stratford Central Music Program exposes students to a varied, meaningful musical experience.  Students explore music's role as an art form through varied performance opportunities while learning and playing an instrument.  They excel due to a supportive environment of students and staff who care about music and the positive role it can play in the lives of young people. Through our music education programs, including instrumental, vocal and guitar music classes, extra-curricular ensembles and unique experiential learning opportunities, young people in our musical community learn, grow and find their own voices.  Our belief is that music has the power to transform and enhance lives.  Students develop an appreciation for music and develop good work ethic, respect for their peers, self confidence and the ability to collaborate creatively.  These values will serve them for rest of their lives.   If you have any questions about the program, please contact us!

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